We can tailor make our services to fit your needs, in terms of
quality, collection method and frequency.

The services we offer are as follows:

Full UK collections of all wood waste.

Curtain-sided vehicles left on site to load at your own
discretion, on an exchange basis.

A customer on site tipping facility with weighbridge.

Transportation of all our products.

All customers are supplied with duty of care and transfer notes
ideal for any unexpected environmental inspections.

Biomass Fuel

Foxs Pallet & Recycling Services uses a variety of non-hazardous wood types to produce wood chip for use as biomass fuel.Our fuel has very low moisture content and can be delivered in bulk loads or cubic meter bags.

Our Biomass fuel is known within the industry as being the highest quality. As we use only the cleanest material the ash content is at its lowest at all times, resulting in less maintenance to your boiler.


Recycled Wood Chip

Our wood chip is made of the cleanest packaging material, which is 100% recycled on site in Northamptonshire.

Our wood chip is kept in dry stores at all times, to ensure the lowest possible water content.

Our entire wood chip production is monitored through out the day to insure the highest quality product is being produced.

Wood chip can be supplied in 20 tonne bulk loads, or in cubic square bags.

Animal Bedding

The animal bedding we produced is of a dry woodchip used as an alternative to straw under sheep and cattle housed in sheds.

At Foxs Pallet & Recycling Services we create our animal bedding from completely clean packaging material which is 100% recycled and free from all metal compounds, halogenated organic compounds and Creosote, This making it safe and comfortable for animals to rest on.

The wood chip is around the size of a postage stamp. Initially wood chips are spread across the shed floor to a depth of 10cm, which is then topped up every 7-10 days for sheep on dry food, or every 2-3 days for cattle on silage.

This is significantly less frequent than with straw and therefore reduces labour costs.

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